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Audi A1 Damien Hirst
An A1-sized canvas! Meet the one-off £350,000 Audi that's got the art world in a spin. The dilemma was the weight and shape of the Audi - the legendary turntable on which Hirst does his work had only been used for large, flat canvases. Several visits to the Brit's biggest studio, in Brimscombe Port, Glos, led to experimental attempts with a host of body panels. It quickly became clear that painting an A1 intact wouldn't achieve the desired effect. As Hirst would craft the finish from a gantry 10 feet above his spinning rig, the falling gloss paint wouldn't land on the Audi's vertical panels (like the rear quarters and doors). So, everything had to be laid flat. Audi had to step in with a new roof skin and rear quarter panels, as these are welded to the steel bodyshell. In essence, these were painted, and Perfect Paint, Bucks, had to fit them to the shell, one by one. Hirst's final touch was an autograph on the roof spoiler.
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